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Product Condition Types

These products are new and unused. They are in their original packaging complete with manuals and other accessories. In the case of some computer products such as Hard Drives, they may be packaged in a plain outer carton (OEM box). OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and is a term used when a product was manufactured as part of a larger whole.

As New

As New is The Same As a New Unit - Perhaps Even Better! What does as new Mean? * When a retail store or a customer opens a product box and it is not purchased, the store cannot sell it brand new and ships the item back to the manufacturer. * Sometimes customers decide they do not wish to keep an item for any reason, (even if it is the day after it was purchased), the item is sent back to the manufacturer. * When the manufacturer receives the returned item, the entire item is completely gone through to assure it meets all factory specifications and its quality is checked again. * Demo units are also sold as new. They are inspected, tested and repackaged too. Advantages of Buying As new Items * As new items have a very low return/defective rate because they have been checked twice for quality. * The price to the buyer is much lower. * The item is inspected & serviced by the manufacturer and it is guaranteed to meet all original manufacturer specifications and comes with the same warranty as a New Laptop.
Some individual products may show minor  signs of wear and these products are purchased in this condition

The product has been used and has not been subsequently tested by the manufacturer or the distributor to ensure that everything works, and it is not guaranteed to meet the original manufacturer specifications.