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 Mount ISA Laptop Repairs

We can fix most laptops for under $300 even is the motherboard is dead.

Below are estimate on most common laptop repairs cost (Exact quote will be given before each job)

We charge $65 to quote on your computer.

BUT if you repair the computer you DO NOT PAY the $65 quote fee you only pay the cost to fix.


My Pc Parts will come to you.

We do not charge an outcall fee we charge by our time.

Our hourly rate is $132\hour

Mail Repaires Accepted.

Some of the common Repairs

Replace Screen $199 +$65 Labor

New Hard Drive $240 including Re installing OS + Drivers

Replace ram $40 - $90

Replace Keyboard $90 including fitting

Re- Install OS + Driver $120

Virus removal $120 – $190 with one month warranty

Motherbaord $179 + 120 Labour

For Others Please Enquire

Areas we cover

Cloncurry,Mount Isa and More